Ripon Care Home | ORCA-LGS UK

This project was originally designed in traditional brick and block construction but the main contractor decided to convert to LGS having worked with ORCA previously and confident in ORCA’s ability to deliver.

The traditional design for Ripon Care Home was carried through, in part, by using the originally specified brickwork and render façade. ORCA’s LGS system allows any type of external finish as the LGS frame is an independent element in the build process. A traditional brick and block building would mean that both internal and external leaf would require installation in parallel, also requiring the cavity insulation within this process. The independent LGS frame allows both the insulation and external brickwork to be installed as separate packages which can help with build costs and construction programming.

  • North Yorkshire HG4
  • Three Levels G+2
  • 70 Bedrooms
  • 11 Week Build Programe

  • Lite Gauge Steel Frame
  • Insulation Wrap
  • Brick Facing Render
  • Tile Roof


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