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With over 10 million sq. ft. of building experience in the United Kingdom and the Middle East, ORCA and its team has now issued its first international expansion license to the Canadian market. Canadians will now be able to capitalize on the vast experience that ORCA UK has accumulated over the last 12 years with competitive rates to traditional builds.

ORCA’s technology is key to the challenges that Canada faces in residential and commercial sectors, enabling opportunities which traditional methods simply cannot achieve. ORCA light gauge steel is the next step in higher performance, more sustainable, and healthier buildings.

ORCA provide design, manufacture, and assembly of light gauge steel frames for a wide range of buildings including residential, educational and commercial. Our system and model enable ORCA to collaborate with local authorities, government and private developers.

A manufacturing solution that simplifies the build process, enabling the use of local people to deliver quality affordable homes, generating better value for clients, better homes/buildings and meaningful jobs for local people.

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Map of Vancouver island with pin showing location of Orca Canada in Comox Valley, British Columbia (BC)

Kirk-Michael Fraser

Kirk-Michael Fraser is the Managing Director of ORCA LGS Canada. Kirk-Michael offers over a decade of light gauge steel experience and was one of the major contributing parties in the construction of 2000 apartments in the Middle East. He has also been involved in many residential and commercial projects that have taken place in the United Kingdom. Kirk’s passion for project efficiency and a thoughtful design solution has been one of the biggest motivating factors for the transfer of ORCA technology to Canada. He has the belief that combining the benefits of light gauge steel with modern methods of construction will help to invigorate the stagnant residential sector in Canada. Kirk-Michael holds a degree in Construction Management from the University of Newcastle Australia. He’s an avid outdoorsman and fishing enthusiast; if Kirk has a day off, you can find him on the river.



1355 Comox Rd
Courtenay B.C.
V9N 3P8

Kirk Fraser

Managing Director