This luxury apartment development is located on the side of the River Tyne just along from the North Shields Fish Quay. The structure required a hybrid design using a hot rolled portal steel frame and a suspended concrete slab to create a ground floor car park. The main contractor converted the upper floors (1st – 4th) from traditional block and brick into LGS structure to reduce the programme.

A key concern on this project was the scaffolding design which had to overhang the river and as a result was delayed. The ORCA team designed and produced the frame ahead of the scaffold design and were able to install from the inside of the building by using ORCA’s bespoke fall arrest system. This allowed the project to progress and minimised any delays while the scaffold was designed.

The roof on the building was a variation on a mansard type roof utilising a standard seam system fixed to the LGS roof joists. A timber roof was ruled out due to large spans, internal head height restrictions and complex design. This project was manufactured offsite at the ORCA North Shields facility.

  • Newcastle upon Tyne NE29
  • Four Levels G+3
  • 8 Luxury Units
  • 8 Week Build Program

  • Light Gauge Steel Frame
  • Insulation Wrap
  • Brick Facing Cladding
  • Ply membrane Roof


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