ORCA’s design team had a significant input on this Design and Build contract in both the holistic design and the construction detailing. The project was engineered as a hybrid scheme to allow the stair cores to be installed prior to the light gauge steel structure and provide access to all floors without relying on external scaffold.

A hot rolled portal frame was incorporated into the GF entrance area to break up the joist spans and help carry the large floor loadings from the floors above. The site team used the ORCA standard construction fixings to integrate the two elements.

A free standing internal lift structure design meant that ORCA was able to use LGS panels for the lift shaft construction. Specific fixing points were incorporated into the lift shaft panels to help the restraint of the internal lift shaft. A timber roof was used on this project due to the complexity of the hipped roof design, which complemented the LGS structure and reduced the construction programme. The project was manufactured in a commercial unit close to the site and delivered on a ‘just in time’ basis to minimise the storage area used on site.

  • Northampton NN1
  • Four Levels G+3
  • 80 Bedrooms
  • 14 Week Build Program

  • Light Gauge Steel Frame
  • Insulation Wrap
  • Stone Facing Render
  • Tile Roof


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